OGC Academy

Omega Group Consultants has taken training that has typically been reserved for the field and incorporated it into an online learning environment.

OGC Academy is the ultimate resource in online learning for the modern day warrior. Although the four fundamental pillars can absolutely not be mastered in an online environment, they can be greatly expanded on. Our courses are vetted for the highest quality standards to ensure excellent learning and retention for you the pupil.


We offer both OGC Created Courses as well as Non OGC Courses.

All of our (OGC) courses can be linked to at least on the four fundamental Omega Group Consultant Pillars. These Pillars are FITNESS|PREPARATION|SURVIVAL|TACTICS. In addition a wide variety of Non-OGC Courses will continue to become available under various topics.

We Provide some of the best training in the world, however we recognized that it’s a large world and there are many others with great material and experience to pass on as well. Whether you take an OGC Course or a Non OGC Course you can assure that it has passed through our quality control department to ensure you’ll receive the same quality you come to expect from OGC.


If you’re in the market to learn, sign up! We have many free courses and there is no fee to register and create your profile.



Do you have a knowledge base you would like to share with others, and make some money at the same time?

If so you’ve come to the right place. We have a user-friendly interface that will help you easily create your course right here at OGC Academy, and best of all it’s absolutely free! We offer a very simple commission agreement with our instructors. There is absolutely no cost unless you sale your course. If you do then the cost is deducted from sales with our commission plan. It’s this simple 25% for US  75% for YOU. It’s easy, so get started and register now!

About Omega Group Consultants

Omega Group Consultants is a training and security company based out of Headland AL. We offer numerous excellent courses in the areas of Fitness|Preparation|Survival|Tactics.

Why Choose Us

  • Highest Quality Online Courses
  • Simple learning interface
  • Multimedia integration
  • Staffed with SME’s
  • Certificate producing courses
  • Why wouldn’t you?

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